Services Intelligence Software™

A competitive intelligence and decision-making support tool

SIS™ covers the three components of competitive intelligence (watch, security and lobbying).
It provides synthetic and analytic, regularly updated, fact files of different entities from company economic environment (organizations, persons, geography, Réflexes™, news, innovations, texts).

Several search methods help us get relevant information in a short time

Simple search (keywords based): this search method is useful when a user wish to obtain all information available on a certain topic.
Multi-criteria search: In order to refine as much as possible the search results, the user may use several search criteria (geographic area, activity field, …etc.).
Interactive map search: SIS™ allows geographic search, enabling the user to obtain, in a single search, all items related to a certain geographic area.
Tree view search: every domain is organized in a “natural” way. Thus, it is possible to search for information by moving from a level to another within the tree view.

Processed information validated and updated by competitive intelligence watchers and advisors

SIS™ provides information coming from reliable and verified sources.
This information is processed and analyzed before being saved in the software’s database.
In the end, the user reaches for valuable strategic information.
An online service allows the obtention of complementary information at user’s request.

Global Security Service™

Software dedicated to information security audit and diagnosis.

GSS-2™ allows the assessment of an organization’s (company) situation concerning information security by answering to a questionnaire.
The result enables the delivery of a recommendation list issued as a detailed report.

Three audit types, according to ISO 27000 standards (Information Security Management System)

GSS-2™ offers three (3) audit types corresponding to three (3) questionnaire formats:
FULL audit : 632 questions displayed.
LIGHT audit : 380 questions displayed.
DIAG audit : 33 questions displayed.
These questions are structured into 13 chapters according to ISO 27000 themes.

A statistic result, a detailed report and practical recommendations

The answers to the questions enable the software to generate a statistic result in the form of a table and radar graphs for each questionnaire theme.
GSS-2™ generates in the end a detailed 'Microsoft Word' report comprising quantitative results, graphs, automatic recommendations and auditor’s personalized remarks.

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