BIS Consulting offers you full diagnoses and audits adapted to your needs in assets, people and information security.

Threats and risk analyses and assessments using proven methods (GSS2, Kinney’s method).

Analysis and study of the existing security means (architectural means, electronic means, organizational means).

Diagnoses and audits in accordance with ISO 27000 Standards (Information Security Management Systems) and French Standards 50518 (Alarm Monitoring Center).

Carry out organizational audits for security services (events, security, municipal police, Urban Surveillance Centers, Crisis Command Centers…).

Reports and complete studies delivery. Guidance on implementation of recommendations and corrective measures.


BIS Consulting guides you day to day in your projects and places at your disposal our security advisors’ expertise.


Threats and risk assessment, preliminary security diagnoses.

Methodology and policy suggestion as part of information and data security.

Assistance in upfront safety projects (Public Security And Safety Studies, …), building and rehabilitation of populated spaces, security masterplan).

Implementation of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) – ISO 27000-1/-2/-5.

Crisis management, crisis communication, continuity or recovery plans, vigilance plans.

Drawing up of Specifications (Security Services, Video Surveillance, Security Technical Specification, offer analysis, etc.).

Operational assistance service


BIS CONSULTING is a recognized training company. We propose you a wide range of trainings in assets, people and information security, according to your needs.

Internal environment

Human vulnerabilities, terrorism impact, HR management within a security policy, social engineering.

External environment

security in mobility (expatriations, professional travels, shows, exhibitions, …).

Management, crisis and communication

Security Management within The Company, Human Malice Prevention, Risk and Threat Identification, Crisis Management and Communication.

Information systems

Best Practices, Digital Nomads, Data Protection, Cyber Criminality, Internet.

Operational security

Reception And Access Control Management, Security Systems Management, Conflict Management, Command Center Administrative Management.

Competitive intelligence

Desirable behaviour, Information Protection, Lobbying and Misleading.


BIS Consulting proposes you additional services related to your actions in security.

Placing at your disposal operational resources specialized in assets, people and information security.

Providing strategic information via Competitive Intelligence Tool S.I.S (Services Intelligence Software).

Guidance on preparing and managing of occasional events in terms of security.

Drawing up of Statements of Work containing security technical solutions, (Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Video Surveillance) and assistance in their deployment.

Technical control operations and electronic countermeasures.

Information Systems Intrusion Test.

Public security

BIS Consulting assists local authorities and public institutions in their security projects.

Project management office in video surveillance field

Security diagnoses and need assessment, conducting of ethics committee, drawing up of technical files (Statements of Work for Public Works, …).

Audit and consulting

analysis and study of security means in public buildings (architectural means, electronic means, organizational means), assistance in setting up of corrective solutions.
Carrying out of organizational audits for security services (security, municipal police, Urban Surveillance Centers, Crisis Command Centers…).

(PSSS) Public Security and Safety Studies

Local security diagnosis (environment impact on the project: delinquency, insecurity, Government responses), documentary and terrain exchanges and studies, project analysis (outdoor area, controlled area, protected area, reserved area), recommendations (architectural and urban, technical and organizational), return by technical report and oral presentation to the project owner.

Competitive intelligence

BIS Consulting guides you on making your strategic decisions by offering you a personalized and operational expertise in Competitive Intelligence.

Audit and diagnosis of your competitive intelligence plan and drawing up of recommendations in order to improve its performance.

Guidance on implementing of watch and / or competitive intelligence plans.

Conduct of workshops and seminars on watch, offensive and defensive competitive intelligence.

Training in getting familiar with watch and competitive intelligence tools and software.

Identification and analyze of your information needs and providing information as detailed studies, watch files and occasional watch files by means of our competitive intelligence tool: Services Intelligence Software (S.I.S).

Operational assistance for any complementary inquiry.

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